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Business Travel Finance Tips

Business Travel Finance, Tips, Travel rewards programme

Don’t spend excessively, but don’t be overly frugal:
Reducing business expenses is okay, but don’t do it if it causes more harm than good. Find a good corporate travel agency and get early notifications of the best deals for accommodation and direct flights. At times you may have to spend on costly flights.

Keep customer service numbers nearby:
Store these numbers in your phone. If you have a problem with your airport transfer or your car hire it’s better to have these numbers nearby.

Don’t carry too much cash:
Try to find a way to streamline your forex. For security reasons, don’t carry large amounts of cash. Get a card that allows you to make purchases at various merchants. This could be a business credit card which allows you to swipe and make purchases at different merchants. Furthermore, using a credit card could give you more savings.

Find a good rewards programme:
Frequent business travel is rewarded with reduced rates and perks such as upgrades. You could find a frequent flyer programme or a loyalty programme. Try to remain loyal to this programme and you can benefit from more rewards. Some of these programmes operate based on a tier level, so the higher you go the better the rewards for your business travel needs.

Appoint a team member to be responsible for business travel:

Having someone dedicated to your business travel need could save the company valuable time and money. Here are further ways to save:

  • Buy flights using a local business travel agent
  • Be brand loyal with reward programmes
  • Fly out-of-season and book ahead
  • Make use of a Travels savings calculator


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