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Top 5 Travel Rewards Programmes in South Africa

travel rewards

South Africa has a number of financial institutions that offer Travel Rewards for clients. If you’re considering getting a credit card or going for a vacation, it may be worthwhile to compare different reward programmes which can benefit you. Here’s a round-up of some of the best Travel Rewards Programmes offered in South Africa:

FNB eBucks Travel Discounts:
This programme offers clients great discounts on their Kulula and selected Emirates flights. Depending on your eBucks Discount Reward level, you could potentially get up to 40% off your ticket prices. To qualify, you need to be an FNB Account holder.

SAA Voyager:
SAA Voyager is a Rewards programme offered by South African Airways. It offers clients greater spending power with Voyager Miles. As you progress through the tiers- Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Lifetime Platinum – you get more privileges. You get Bonus Miles, access to private airport lounges and additional baggage allowance with this Rewards Programme.

Avios allows clients to earn points by shopping or buying fuel at BP. You can collect your points and spend your Avios on flights to worldwide destinations and on hotels.

Virgin Money Credit Card:
You receive a 10% discount on any Virgin Atlantic flight from South Africa. You can only qualify by purchasing directly from Virgin Atlantic (SA) with your credit card.

Momentum Multiply:
This is a wellness and rewards programme offered by Momentum. It provides clients with savings of up to 50% on up to 12 flights on Mango per year. Multiply has saved more than R18 million for its members who booked flights on Mango from July 2013 to June 2014. Clients also earn 15% to 40% discounts on return international flights through Emirates or Virgin Atlantic.


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