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Tourists with disabilities

Tourists with disabilities, Clarens, South Africa

The world population has a sizeable number of disabled human beings. Some people are born with disability, others have them as a result of an illness or injury or even develop disability due to age. It is however important to state that disability is not inability or a sickness. Disabled people have careers, families and have social needs like holidays.The tourism sector in South Africa has over the years worked towards ensuring that attractions and facilities around the country accommodate people with disabilities.

Public places and major tourist attractions such as shopping malls, airports, service stations, public buildings, game reserves have been equipped with the necessary access, ablution facilities and parking for the disabled. Some of these facilities include ramped access and Braille interpretation plaques.

With regards to movements,you can opt for flying, car rental, by train or use a hired scooter.You will be relieved to learn that most local flights allow Guide dogs as long as you confirm when making the booking. Major car rental companies such as Avis, Budget and Imperial offer adapted rental cars including those with hand controls.The Gautrain Rapid Rail Link which has grown in popularity offers special access for disabled passengers which includes hearing and sight impaired travellers.You can also hire wheelchairs and scooters from Mobility One in Johannesburg which are delivered to the airport or your preferred hotel establishment.

Handling money is quite a difficult matter for the disabled especially the blind. South Africas financial institutions have taken this into consideration. Some of the measures put in place include the fact banknotes are marked for tactile identification.The large geometric shapes on the front of the notes are meant to be an aid for the partially sighted.The South African National Council for the Blind also offers money templates and coin selectors.

For a quick look at disabled travel list facilities, you can always consider Rolling SA which has all accommodation venues on their tours inspected to ensure they are accessible and disabled friendly. Flamingo Tours specailise in tours for the disabled especially blind or sight impaired, deaf or hearing impaired guests. Eco-access is a section 21 company that has a database of accessible destinations,especially those that give people with disabilities access to nature.

With such arrangements in place,the disabled can travel and enjoy their lives in South Africa.


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