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What to bring on holiday this winter – Your holiday checklist

holiday checklist

Holidays provide a great opportunity to relax,recharge your energies, reflect and even connect with friends, family or even business associates. But while everyone dreams of having a blissful holiday, lack of preparation can really spoil this rare and special occasion.While it is difficult to conclusively state what you need to carry on every holiday, below are some essentials worth noting especially if you are taking your holiday in South Africa.

Holiday checklist – One thing that can easily make or break a holiday trip is the aspect of documents. Forgetting the right documents can prohibit your movements and loss of documents can bring your holiday to an abrupt end.It is therefore important to carry along your passport,credit cards,itinerary and emergency contact numbers.

Climatic conditions remain a big determinant of what one carries on holiday. South Africa generally has moderate and friendly weather but dressing for the season and weather pattern can not be over emphasised. Summer will require that you dress light but a simple jacket, socks, rain jacket and good shoes will come in handy especially at night. If you have plans of spending lots of time at the beach, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and beach wear are essential.To avoid catching malaria by all means, insect repellant should be carried along.

Depending on which part of the country you are visiting, the country experiences pockets of very severe weather in winter with the temperatures dropping even more at night.To caution against this winter weather, pack a warm jacket, cotton scarf, bandana or even a hoodie.These can come in handy even during game drives or evening nights out watching sports or movies.

Closely tied to weather matters is your health and general well-being. For those who are on medication, custom regulations in South Africa allow you to bring in one months supply.You can also carry a prescription which you can use in local pharmacies just incase your supply runs out. Spectacles prove very useful as the dry and dusty environment of some game farms may irritate your eyes.If you wear contact lenses, consider using disposables for a short holiday especially if you are planning to river raft or dive.

A holiday can never be complete without capturing memories. A good camera should be carried.You can alternatively consider purchasing or hiring a quality phone which can accurately capture your adventures and memories.

The above tips should definitely put you in a good position to have a great holiday.


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