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Phoning to, from, and in South Africa – Advice for travellers

Phoning to and from South Africa

Research statistics collected indicate that telecommunication services with good infrastructure play a key role in driving trade and services and are a key element towards building an enabling investment climate. It is for this reason that South Africa’s government has put in the extra effort to ensure that this sector is vibrant and able to deliver much needed services.

Because of the efforts put into this sector, South Africa now boasts of having an extremely developed communications infrastructure.This sector is formed by fixed line communication service providers and a fast growing list of mobile phone service providers.Two of the fixed line service providers are Telkom and Neotel with Neotel specialising more in commercial services.

Telkom has endeavored over the years to be closer to the communities and create user friendly products and services.It is for this reason that you will find public telephones across the country which use coins, phonecards or worldcall.These phonecards are easily accessible at most retail stores, petrol stations, airports and many other outlets.

Cell phone communication has grown by leaps and bounds in the country.The country has developed an extensive GSM network which works on the same frequency as the rest of Africa and Europe. Mobile networks in the country support GPRS countrywide and 3G, EDGE and HSDPA support is available in larger urban areas.This developed system allows you to use your phone as long as your phone is a triband or fourband phone, its unlocked and takes a SIM card.You can also roam as long as you have made arrangements with your service provider in your country. It is also very easy to rent or buy a phone and SIM card.

Phoning in and out of South Africa is very easy, if you are calling from outside the country it must be preceded by the country code which is +27.To make an international call from South Africa, you dial 00 followed by the country code of the country you wish to call followed by the relevant area code. If you are in South Africa and phoning a landline, whether you are phoning from a landline or a mobile phone, the number must be preceded by the area code for the city or town you are phoning.

For those who are in South Africa for the first time, some of the area codes of some of South Africa’s major cities are Bloemfontein 051, Cape Town 021, Durban 031, East London 043, Johannesburg 011, Pretoria 012 and Port Elizabeth 041.


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