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10th Clarens Quilt Festival

Clarens Quilt Festival

Festivals are a great moment to celebrate, connect and have fun.These festivals also provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate culture, traditions and generally a community. The quite town of Clarens in the Free State has always endeavored to celebrate its own existence and the thousands of visitors who keep visiting this town. One of the ways in which this is being achieved is through the Clarens Quilt Festival.

The year 2015 marks the tenth year of this ever growing festival. From the 14th of July to the 18th of July, this festival will once again come to life to celebrate the strides made especially with regards to the participant numbers, which have grown from the initial 7 to about 330.

The Clarens Quilt Festival offers quilting, knitting,Tunisian knitting and crocheting.You can be rest assured that unlike any other festival you have attended before, this one has a unique relaxing atmosphere due to the locality and personal touch given to everything. New innovative ideas are brainstormed at this festival and more than 200 quilts are viewed.The natural environment and setting around feeds the soul and there are lots of fabrics and gadgets to sample.

Stakes have been raised even higher this year with 7 classes scheduled to be conducted each day.The classes have been deliberately structured small so that students can receive lots of personal attention.These sessions are recommended for beginner quilters and those who would like to quilter in a relaxed environment.This years programme will also include weaving and spinning.To top it all up, delicious Soup and sherry will be the daily meal.

This is truly a festival extravaganza not to be missed.


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