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Why not travel locally

afriski lesotho

Who needs the snow in Aspen when you can experience it right in your backyard, take a ‘sho’t left’for instance to the snowy slopes ski resort of Afriski in Lesotho.

And take the schlep out of preparing months of documents for visa application or spending a fortune on an air ticket, even if you opt to travel by air South Africa has a number of airlines flying through major cities and the price of a domestic flight is lower than that of international most often than not, all part of the reasons why it’s smart to travel locally.

You also have an option of using public transport when travelling locally of trains or buses, which it’s not only economical but also good for the impact on the environment than an airplane.

So if you want to take a holiday but think you can’t afford it holidaying abroad is fine occasionally but definitely not always necessary. Exploreand learn on your doorsteps a host of things which you’d jump at the chance of doing if you were on an overseas vacation. SA has an array of beautiful beaches and exciting places to discover which are often overlooked in favour of foreign shores.

Therefore take advantage of your countries lifestyle, heritage, culture, languages and geographic beauties of mountainous landscapes, rivers, dams and the activities associated with them.

Take a tour of SA’s various small towns or visit the famous 111m bungee jumpoff the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe or Livingstone Zambia that crosses over the Zambezi River or go whale watching and view these sea creatures up close in Hermanus which is considered as one of the 12 best whale watching locations in the world.

And as the saying goes charity begins at home, be part of the tourism revenue in your own country as a domestic traveller before you decide to enhance tourism in another country as an international arrival. Instead of a vacation how about a staycation and venture out much further than just your place of work and shopping malls.

To be in touch with nature you could also opt for the Golden Gate Highlands National Park in Clarens.


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